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Christian Church Directory by Denomination

Christian Church Directory by Denomination

Church Angel knows features over 50 Christian denominations to help you find a church that closely matches your beliefs. Click on the denomination of your choice below, and you will be given a list of churches of that denomination in your area by state and then by city.

Choosing a Denomination

Why Are There So Many Denominations?

It doesn’t take long to figure out that there are tons of different denominations in the Christian faith. The Protestant Reformation during the 16th century to “reform” the Roman Catholic Church was where separate denominations began to emerge. The first four denominations to grow include Reformed, Anglican, Lutheran, and Anabaptist. Since then, many more denominations have emerged with slightly different beliefs than the next. Some of the main types of denominations include Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist, Non-Denominational, Anglican, Assemblies of God, United Methodist, Evengelical, Full Gospel, Foursquare, and many others.

If you are confused on how to sort out which denomination is best for you, we recommend clicking on some different denominations and reading some information about that denomination. Of course, every church is different. So, the best way to find what works for you is to try some different churches in your area. Some different factors to take into consideration when choosing a denomination and church are: style of praise and worship, core beliefs, community of the congregation, ministries available for your lifestyle, pastoral style, environment, and many other nuances that you’ll pick up on by visiting different churches. Feel free to also contact the churches on our website to ask a few questions before attending.